For those of you who know me wellyou will get a kick out of this

Have you ever heard someone say..oh shes a country gal..she grew up in the countryaround animals, bugs, ect.
Well this is something Ive heard my entire life..let me take you back some years ago.
I was born in West Chester, area that I would not consider country”…but we did live in a farm-like setting.  My dad especially was very much an outdoors kinda of guy.
A hunter, a fisherman, a MacGyver of sorts.  We moved out of West Chester when I was 5 years old to an area called Unionville. VERY country.
I would say I was tomboy.always running around in the woodsclimbing trees, hanging with my dad..taking walks in the, deer hunting.ground hog huntingyes.ground hog.
(dont ask).  I would play on the haystacks in the fieldgo down and visit the horses
Well living out in the country meant that you would encounter certain things..snakes, spiders, weird looking green worms with horns, bats that fly into your headya know things of ALL sorts.  Well this is where I am struggling with the true meaning of a country gal”…somehow the fact that we moved to the countrymeant that I should be OKAY with all these critters and creepy crawly things.  Now I would like to ask all of you that have grown up in the that true?  Am I the odd one?
Now dont get me wrong…I love to work outside…I love to garden.  But when it comes to WILDLIFE AND BUGS…I just cant deal. I thought maybe it would be something that I would get over as I got olderI cant really explain what it is or what type of thing freaks me outbut pretty much if it can run, jump or fly I am terrified.
Now lets bring you to the PRESENT..we recently moved to new home with over an acre of propertymy dream come have space and privacy. To be able to put up a volleyball net, have a pig roast. What I never imagined was the ZOO-LIKE area I had moved into.
Lets start with the first few weeks……early on I noticed that if you sit on our front porch you can hear the sound of water trickling (a bubbling brook)there is a little creek across from our house. I thoughtthat is so cool!  I can sit outside with a glass of wine and just chilllisten to the water.  Well as the days went on we noticed this sound at nightsomething like hundreds of was mentioned that the sound was very similar to what you hear in Jamaica.  Well my parents were over one night and I said you hear that?”…my dad said…”yeaits FROGS.    Frogs..hmmm..frogs in Marchinteresting I thought. So I did some research, turns out we have TREE FROGS!  Spring Peepers they are called. Tree frogs in CoatesvilleOkay.well from March-June is mating seasonand that is the peeping sound we hear.  (CREATURE #1TREE FROG)
As the days got warmer…I decided to take a walk through the neighborhood.  One of the other neighbors was also out walking and we started I knew we had deer (something I am not usually scared of).but to my surprise….our little area has an ALBINO DEER.  (CREATURE #2..ALBINO DEER).  Now that is something I have NEVER seen……it comes out on of course I have my binoculars handy and my camera within arms length.  We noticed some hoofs marks in the yardcould it be the Albino????
Since it has been warm latelyweve been keeping the windows open at night.  Well the first night we kept the windows open I was awoken to the sound of, I would say MILLIONS OF BIRDS.  And it was oh around 4am!
Yes4AM.  Have you ever been in one of those bird house things at the zoo?  The place where birds from all countries fly aroundchirpingwhistlingthats exactly what it was like.  I thought I had fallen asleep and woke up in the middle of a rainforest or a jungle. (CREATURE(S) #3BIRD).
I think it was last week..Jeff leaves for work in the morninghe walks out of the house into the garage.hits the button to open the garage doorand as he is walking out of the garage a squirrel comes running into the garage. Literally at mock speed…zooms past Jeff and jumps up on the window. At the same timeJeff is almost out of the garagea HUGE BIRD comes flying down and almost attacks Jeffs head!  Now my guess is that the bird was trying to catch the little squirrel for breakfast. And when that squirrel saw the door open it knew that was its only way to safety.  (CREATURES #4 AND #5.SQUIRREL AND CRAZY BIRD)
Well this week the builders finally came back to finish grading the the other night I took a walk in the back yardya know to check things out. I had been back there before and the one time I thought I had heard some rustling in the brushbut I never really saw anythingwell this week I was near the same spot and I heard the rustling again.  So I stopped walkingand I slowly crept towards the noiselike on my
tippietoes, hunched overeyes focused on this one spot.  AND THERE IS WAS.well sort of..i saw the leaves movingthen it stoppedthen it moved again.  I FROZE.  I didn’t know whether to run, stay, jumpor what.
So I picked up a stick and threw it at the spot.NOTHING.  So I decided to go back in the house and wait for Jeff to come home.  I told him what happened and he said oh it was probably a bird..which is what he said the last time.  So I made him walk back up there with meat first nothing happened.but then there it was again….that noiseso we both turned and walked towards it.and then it stopped.  So Jeffs decides to throw a rock at the spotwell I JUMPEDnow granted nothing came outbut still.i just knew something was going to come running towards us.  (CREATURE #6NO CLUE I suspect it’s a snakebut I am still in denial of that idea.
Well this brings me to last night.  Not really sure of the time exactlybut it was after mid-night.  I think it was close to 2am. I am a pretty heavy sleeperbut there was no escaping this sound.  It started out as a loud yelp and then turned into the sound of a small child or woman screamingyepit was a FOX.  And I think it was right under our window!  Now the funny thing is, we had heard from neighbors that there was a fox in the area recently....but we never heard anything.  The one neighbor I guess woke up in the middle of the night and walked outside with a BAT.she didnt know that it was a FOX and NOT a HUMAN.  Not sure what she was going to do.  (CREATURES #7 AND #8 FOX AND CRAZY NEIGHBOR)
So lets recap
So what is the point of this little storywell I am not sure.  Other then the fact that growing up in the COUNTRY didnt prepare me for the ZOO I have moved into.
Is a person born country-fied or do they become country because of their environment?  I will let you decide.but feel free to stop at The Cusamanos Local Zoowe are open everyday, 24/7.