This Is Forty…..I Think?

We all have heard the saying that “age is just a number” or “you’re only as old as you feel” and while I do believe there is a sense of truth in both of those sayings there is also truth in the fact that wisdom comes with age and age plays a role in who we are today.

May is my favorite time of year. It is in my opinion the true beginning of spring, when the flowers bloom, the sun heats up and you start pulling out the flip-flops and tank tops, you get ready for summer. It is conveniently also the month I was born. This year is a pivotal year for me….it is one of those milestone years when it comes to age…..can you tell I am stalling?? Yes…this year, 2016, this month of May….I turn FORTY…..(or so I think). You know how you refuse to say things out loud because the minute you throw it into the universe it makes it REAL. Well that has been me for the past twelve months…..but now I am okay. I am okay saying the reality of my age.

So what has the past 40 years shown me? A LOT! My twenties were fun and carefree, full of late nights and friends, busy doing who knows what but enjoying every minute it and somehow never being tired. I got married in my twenties, bought a home and started a new job. My thirties were a decade of finding out who I really was, growing into myself and who I wanted to be. I somehow skipped the high school years of drama found myself in the middle of it during my thirties, in a decade of nonsense. During those years we sold and bought another home, I started another new job, I went back to college to finish my business degree, unfortunately experienced death of a few close to me, went through major life events of close friends and began the reality of aging parents. I have to be honest and say I was not prepared for any of it.

However, those years taught me the importance of family, loyalty, self-worth, confidence and the need for self-control. I have to only assume that others were also going through a change and maybe it was a perfect storm of everyone evolving into who they needed to be. Regardless, those years literally made me who I am today and while I say goodbye to my thirties I can honestly say “I am ready”. I am ready to be forty, I am ready for this new chapter of my life.

So is age just a number? Well I don’t feel forty and anyone who really knows me, knows that a good percentage of the time I don’t act my age (haha). I continue to be “young at heart” and find that those in my inner circle (whether younger or older) feel the same way. You see, what I have also learned is those around you keep you young, the ones that make you feel good about yourself, make you feel beautiful. Why? Because a happy heart and a peaceful mind has no age.

So hello fabulous forty! I have been waiting for you! 



4 thoughts on “This Is Forty…..I Think?

  1. I think being or feeling young is overrated. You really just need to be/feel happy about yourself and where your life is. If you have that, age really is a number only.

    (Glad you left the drama being in your 30s!)

  2. Welcome back to the world of blogging! I enjoyed your post and can’t help but feel excited right along with you 🙂 My mom went to Law School when she turned 40 and as a freshman in High School I got to watch her walk through it and it was so inspiring for me.

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