Crazy Woman

Music is and has been a part of my core upbringing. I remember hot summer nights sitting outside on the porch while my parents turn the radio to a local station and let the sound of blues flow through the open the windows. Some nights (my favorite nights actually) family would be in town and all of us would sit outside laughing, drinking, eating… dad or my uncle would grab a guitar and start to play to whatever song was on the radio.

They would reminisce about the “good ole days”….laugh about the lyrics and then talk in-depth about what they mean. This is where and when my appreciation of music and lyrics began and has continued on for years to come.

I remember my mom calling into the radio station and requesting a song to be played. It was Crazy Woman by Buddy Guy, a song my dad “dedicated” to her and the station ended up playing! That moment hearing it was soooo cool! Those memories remind me of a ¬†simpler time, when our attention was focused on who we were with and our great appreciation to the music.




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