Walking the Plank

There was a quote this year during the Netflix show House of Cards, when Clair Underwood was asked “Do you regret it, not having children?” and instantly replied with “Do you ever regret having them?”. Now I immediately laughed out loud and yelled “Well played Claire, well played!”. Don’t get me wrong, while I love a bit of snark and sass within any conversation this reply emphasized the inappropriateness of asking such a personal question, one of many I am sure.

The decision to have or not to have children is one I always considered a private matter between myself and my husband. I never understood the reasoning behind someone asking such a question. Is it because they think you would have been a great mother? Do they think less of you because you chose not to have children? What if the reply to that question was, “Well because I was not able to have children”. In some ways I bet that answer would be more widely accepted than returning the god awful question with “do you ever regret having them?”, btw it still makes me chuckle!

But what if the reply was something we were not ready for? Why would a person even potentially set themselves up? This my friend is what I like to call “walking the plank”….a method of execution used on ships where the one being executed falls into deep waters of their demise. See where I am going with? Asking these inappropriate questions is basically making yourself walk the plank into deep dark waters of the conversation sea, one you may not survive.

In any event, I applaud the “Claire’s” of this world who answer in such a manner that keep things real, that no one is safe from the inappropriate question(s), that if you give it then you have to take it.




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